People Helping People

for the betterment
of humanity.

Connect with individuals and groups to sponser the multitude of those in need. There are countless individuals and families who need a helping hand. There is power in numbers and a modest monthly donation provided by hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals can turn the tide for those who have fallen through the cracks of society. With love and direction, each and every one who has become a victim can become empowered to live a healthy, happy, productive, and vibrant life. Many will re-enter the mainstream, while others will require care and healing. All of which can be accomplished with the will of those who want to help, becoming a WaifMateTM: Either through service and/or sponsership, we can eliminate the scourge of homelessness and societal disfunction.

WaifMateTM is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization.

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WaifMateTM connects you with charities, proactive help groups and religious organizations of your choice, also facilitating organizing your own proactive groups, fundraising campaigns, large or small, donating to charitable organizations of your choice, connecting with philanthropic organizations and corporations, in order to facilitate positive change in the lives of those most needy. WaifMateTM enables you, and others you can join with, to adopt and sponser an individual or family to bring about positive change in their lives. Through our network of counselors, you become and instrument of change for the betterment of society and humanity!

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